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Savanah | Sweet Sixteen Portrait Session | Gretna, NE

Sweet sixteen girl sits on couch in middle of daisy patch

Happy 16th Birthday to this pretty lady!

I hope your day is as wonderful as your light & energy!


Savanah came allllll the way from Texas to jump in front of my camera to collaborate for some great Sweet Sixteen portraits! 😳

Okay, okay, just kidding - she was up visiting family in Papillion, NE this summer! But we did photograph an awesome birthday photo session for her.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited when it was mentioned they wanted to do a photography session to celebrate her milestone birthday. I've been blessed to have Savanah & her family in front of my camera a few times. Each time never disappoints with the fun we have. I've gotten to know her aunt a little over the last couple years and thoroughly enjoy the conversations we have, whether its amid our sessions or during the Reveal & Order appointment.

Teenage girl holding sweet sixteen balloons on a couch in a field

While planning her session, we had a virtual consultation call (a new option now, thanks COVID!) to discuss what type of vibe she was wanting, possible locations & also have her start deciding what outfits she wanted to showcase.

teenage girl sits on couch with sweet sixteen balloons

Outfit changes are always allowed with sessions - variety is fun! On average, I suggest 1-3 outfit changes. You'll hear me remind you, the more time spent changing, the less time we have for photographing! But for Savanah that was not an issue!

She mentioned she loved pastel colors, planned on bringing the big "16" balloons and wanted flowers if possible. She brought a couple cute bouquets along and luckily I was able to find some beautiful little white wild flowers (or as my mama may say - weeds) out in the pasture. They were in the prime of blooming and made a great backdrop for the vintage couch! Have I mentioned, this is one of my FAVORITE fields to photograph in?!

Savanah wanted to include her cousins in her session. These two hammed it up and we had them assist with various task along the way - from holding balloons to helping me get Savanah to laugh (they are an awesome giggle crew!) they were great!

teenage girl laughs while blowing bubbles

I'm sure if you asked them, their highlight of the evening was a bubble war! What fun is a birthday celebration without a good bubble war with your cousins?! These were fun to watch as they ran around the field like crazies sloshing bubbles!

To finish her session out, we hopped in our vehicles and drove to a nearby dirt road with an old iron and wood bridge that isn't heavy with traffic.

The soybean patch on one side lent us a great backdrop and skyline for a beautiful Nebraska sunset. We goofed off in the waterway before heading to the bridge to finish up with some sassy posing with the balloons and a past-dusk family portrait with her cousins on the bridge.

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