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Meet the Team

Certified Professional Photographer, Emily, of EMDukat Photography

Emily Dukat

Certified Professional Photographer


I’m great at awkward,

unless I have a CAMERA IN MY HAND.

It’s like my security blankie. 

I enjoy collaborating with you to design customized fine art portraits for your home! Whether they adorns your walls, or decorates your end tables, I'm a believer that your photos should be displayed & tell your stories, capturing the emotions & creating memories for you to cherish.

My love for photography has always existed. A hobbyist since my teens, and then a mom-tog for more than a decade, I decided in 2018 to leave my corporate gig to chase my photography dream & spend more time with my daughter. In March 2022 I earned my Certified Professional Photographer certificate through Professional Photographers of America.

I have a fondness for horses & their humans and absolutely love capturing the hard work of the agricultural life.​ My love for all things rustic & country shines through in my style of work. Dirt roads, tall grassy fields & critters of all sorts fill me up with HAPPINESS.​

When I’m not behind the camera, I'm enjoying adventures with my kiddo. I'm also found hanging around the horse arena, scraping up time to put my nose in a book or catching a live music show. I'm a fan of all facets of COUNTRY MUSIC and believe a good song will hit your heart and soothe your soul.

A few of my FAVORITE things:

S’mores, FALL WEATHER & dirt roads

The smell of a warm sweat on a horse after a good ride

& the aroma of fresh cut grass hay.

Sunflowers in bloom.

Sipping a Jack & Coke.

Finding the perfect notebook.

Grandma sweaters & coffee mugs.


Cindy Spomer

Chaos Coordinator & Unicorn

     OH HEY!

I jumped at the chance of joining Emily as a team member of EMDP for the fun of connecting with new people, and quickly realized how much I enjoy being around horses while reminiscing about childhood memories of riding with my dad.

I gladly hold the title of Chaos Coordinator, both at home with my family, and at EMDukat Photography. Whether wrangling Emily's squirrels, finessing the finer details during a sessions, or assisting behind the scenes, it is a title I truly enjoy!

I'm so excited for this journey and look forward to meeting new faces and strengthening the friendships already made!

A few of my FAVORITE things:

Ice cold diet pepsi

Helping my kiddos learn through messy play

Perfect weather = windows open!

A cloudy day with a good book

Sunrises over sunsets

chaos coordinator, Cindy, of EMDukat Photography laughing
Agnes standing with her horse Faith, in a pasture during Spring

Agnes Dukat

Gear Hauler & Human Light Stand


I'm AJ, Emily's daughter! I help my mama with sessions where ever she needs me, from holding light stands and carrying gear, to assisting with the photography booth at some events. I love all the people I get to meet and the horses & dogs I get to pet! I love watching from behind the scenes and seeing all the fun people have at their sessions.

A few of my FAVORITE things:

Horses - a girl needs one in every color!

Being outside adventuring

Volleyball & my cat-dog floof, LB

Being the test-subject of my mama's crazy ideas!


Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.

- Proverb


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