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Reveal: Schaefer Wall Gallery Install in Omaha, NE

Oh how I was excited when Sharon came to me with a photography-based vision she had for her basement walls! This project was out of the ordinary for me. I'm usually the one meeting with clients to plan their photography session, taking the pictures and, of course, delivering these memories to them. I absolutely love knowing clients have images adorning their shelves and walls!

But while being a new endeavor for me, this project was right up my creative ally and included my love of wanting everyone to have printed images of their sessions! Plus, I did hang an image I created! Do you spy which one it is?

We had several stages to this project, and COVID played a roll in taking a little time to get this wall piece installed, but looking at it now, it was worth the wait! We had several consultations to ensure the end goal was something Sharon had envisioned.

She gathered their family images (she had printing rights to all of them!) and sent them my way where I filtered through her family photos, narrowing down and gathering some that I thought would be great for her wall. We met to discuss print mediums, with her selecting wooden framed images. They look great, don't they?! We discussed a variety of gallery wall options, deciding on the white track with the cables and push-button adjustable hooks.

What are the perks of a Gallery style wall?

  • minimal damage to your walls

  • adjustable hooks means a variety of images can be hung

  • able to change out images & layout easily when you want to refresh

  • get to put up with me doing the heavy lifting & sifting through your photos!

After narrowing down images and materials, I spent time mocking up different layouts and ideas, with this one being the final layout choice. This one offers room towards the bottom center for her to add their wedding day images as well as extended family portraits from both sides of the family.

We finalized the layout, sent the images off to be printed and before we knew it, the packages arrived at her doorstep awaiting to be installed. We planned an install date around her schedule and spent an quick evening hanging the track, adding images and putting the final touches to the project.

I owe a shout out to my brother, Jeff, for being my "install crew" to help me with finalizing this project! I couldn't have asked for a better install partner for this project.

I love when I can assist people with designing wall galleries. Have a space you're unsure of how to decorate? Send me a picture of your space and let's mock something up! Whether a gallery system like this or a mock up of options of a variety of print products, I'm here to assist you!

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