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Favorite Business Must-Haves | EMDukat Photography

Running a business is hard. Getting started can be overwhelming. Let me share a few of the programs and items I use to help streamline my business! While many of these are from a photography business perspective, many of these are universal and can be used by all sorts of small businesses. *This is just a starting list and I'll be updating often to share with you my favorite small business must-haves.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate.

Favorite Programs:

For starters, I would be lost without HoneyBook! HB is the CRM I use to send my clients invoices & agreements, along with questionnaires. It integrates with my business email and calendar and their scheduler allows me to let clients schedule their consultations (& pre-session meetings) without the unnecessary back & forth of finding the perfect time! I also use their scheduler for my portrait sessions and shorty sessions. Their smart files allow me to create customized welcome packets for each client and streamline clients booking process. 💰 Get HoneyBook for $1/mo for 8 months with my referral link.

Oh, Canva! The simplicity of this program is greatly appreciated! I use Canva to mock up ads and small graphic design projects. It is very user friendly and handy with an endless library of template ideas and with the pro version, you can save your business colors & fonts along with have a huge gallery of stock images, templates and fun art to level up your designs.

Email marketing is essential. I have tried a couple others, but MailerLite has won me over! It's easy to use and has different tiers which comes in handy for a small business on a budget who's striving to grow their email list. Use my MailerLite referral link to receive a $20 credit if you choose to upgrade your account!

BackBlaze - Don't get caught without having your images backed up! From my computer to my external hard drives, I use BackBlaze for a peace of mind! Earn a free month by using my BackBlaze referral link.

Adobe Photoshop -*Coming Soon*

BlogStomp - *Coming Soon*

AfterShoot - *Coming Soon*

*more coming soon*


Essential Gear:

What's in my bag? Oh, just a whole lot of things! Seriously - I wonder how I stuff so much into my bag at times and realize why it gets a little heavy other times. Whoops!

First off - let me just drool over my wayyyy loved Langly Globetrotter multi-camera backpack! I snagged this baby on a Black Friday special in 2018 and am still using it with every session and event I do. It's rugged, holds more gear than I need (hello, all those back-ups!), and keeps me organized. I can brag about this bag forever. Definitely an investment worthwhile!

Check out their website - Langly

Next up in my bag, and most importantly - my main camera body (Nikon D750), backup body (also a Nikon D750), and favorite lenses! My go-to lens for families with littles, and the majority of my equestrian work is my


Handy Accessories:

Electronic Accessory Organizer - A durable quick & easy way for me to keep cords, batteries and extra memory cards organized and easy to be found!

Reusable Adjustable Cord Ties - I despise tangled cords. These reusable cord ties helps eliminate that problem!


Photography Booth:

Here are a few items I have found handy, and Booth Boss approved, for our display booth/tables at Equine events!

Easel Stand, Adjustable Height Tripod for Display - Love this adjustable stand to showcase larger prints. We often use this to display a 20x30" canvas. This is adjustable enough it can be used for standing on the floor or shortened to be used on a tabletop.

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