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6 Reasons You Need to Update Your Headshot (& How to DIY when in a pinch!)

In today's digital age, having an up-to-date headshot of you is not only important, but it's essential! It's easy to do, too! No matter if you decide to DIY or hire a professional, the options and accessibility make it so easy, you'll wonder why you've waited (& dreaded) doing them until now!

headshot of cowgirl with braid

Let's quickly chat about:

6 Reasons you NEED to update your headshot

  • It let's others know who is behind your (personal or business) brand!

  • It's a quick way to showcase who you are, with professionalism & personality!

  • Clients and customers find those that share their face to be more trustworthy & knowledgeable.

Did you know...

  • Your headshot should be updated AT LEAST every 3 years (or with major hairstyle changes)!

  • You don't have to truck yourself into a studio.... on location is very much doable (the cowgirl above had her headshot taken in her garage doorway)

  • You can be YOURSELF! Let that personality shine! Showcase what makes you you - your uniqueness!

professional woman smiling for her headshot

Tips for your DIY headshot

While a professional headshot is ideal, it is not always in the budget! I get that! Here’s a few tips for taking a polished headshot portrait with your phone.

  • Find a background that isn’t distracting. Use a plain wall or find a spot by a pine tree to stand by! You want to be the attention getter, not your background! Also, don't stand RIGHT next to your background. Give yourself some space between it and you!

  • Look for where the natural light is coming from. Ideally you want the light to come from the side. This trips right into my next tips....

  • Try to avoid overhead lights, especially directly overhead. If you can’t, move so you are in front or behind them.

  • If you are planning do this outdoors, skip the midday hours when sunshine and shadows can be harsh! Early morning, or the photographer-loved golden hour at sunset are great options too! If you have a cloudy day - even better! An overcast day means you can take your photo at almost any time of day due to the clouds helping you out and acting as a huge, natural diffusor!

  • Take a deep breath! And let it out! You want to look happy and not stressed! Think of a funny joke or make yourself fake laugh, and THEN take a few pictures!

  • Avoid saying "cheese". This maybe should have been the first point! When we say "cheese" we bunch up our cheek bones and squint our eyes. And if you try to say "cheese" without squinting your eyes, you may unintentionally look panicked or spooked. Instead, say "happy!", dragging that y out with an eeeeeeeee sound!

Alright - now you have a headshot to get you by. Now, use it! Share it! Whether on a social media post or on the "About Me" section of your website, post it! Let your customers and clients connect with you. You may be surprised to see how much people enjoy connection with the face behind a business or service!

Rancher surrounded by wagyu cattle for his environmental headshot

Taking your headshot a step further

Are you wanting to take your headshot a step further? Amp it up and showcase what your small business offers? I highly suggest checking out a small business branding session with me, Emily of EMDukat Photography! Yes, I'm a bit biased on this, but I like to think we have some fun!

What's all involved in a small business branding session? Not to be confused with a cattle branding - though some small business branding sessions do involve cows! ☺

These are sessions all about you and your business brand. They showcase and celebrate what you offer your customers and clients. Like a lot of sessions, we are on location - your location! Before we host your small business branding session, we have a Design Call where together we dive into what your brand entails, who you are trying to reach and then we brainstorm ideas of how we can elevate it with professional imagery! From showcasing offerings or services, to giving a peak behind the scenes, these are sessions custom built for you & your business!

These images are great for more than just social media too! With a private online gallery of images, you'll be able to use these for all sorts of advertising needs, from printed materials, to banners, online website and more!

Barrel horse trainer Sam Flannery holding her horse for her headshot

Whether you decide to tackle it on your own or you decide to collaborate for a black background style headshot or an environmental headshot, I can assist you in growing your brand, starting with a stress-free headshot! Reach out! I would love to hear from you!

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