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Lindsay | Boho Cowgirl Portraits

When you have a beautiful friend and its the time of year that your favorite pasture is hip high in tall grass, you coax said friend to come out for a portrait session!

Lindsay and I have known each other a few years, so this session was an extra fun time between the planning session, helping her narrow down her wardrobe choices and executing a fun evening of portraits. We gathered some friends, coaxing them with some cold bush lights, and made an event out of the evening!

boho cowgirl wearing a Charlie 1Horse hat holding a Bush Light in the field at sunset

This last image may be a favorite of mine. We were photographing with the sun setting behind Lindsay when we turned around noticing the beautiful clouds brewing to the south so we flipped around and had to capture the dynamic sky with the wind blowing her hair and beautiful duster. It was just past sunset, so I used off camera flash to light her.

cowgirl leaning on fence post in a grassy field with thunderstorm brewing behind her

Clothing from Boot Barn / Hat by Charlie 1 Horse

**UPDATE** I excitedly entered this last image into a print competition during the Professional Photographers of Nebraska summer conference in Kearney, Nebraska where it merited AND recieved Judge's Choice. Queue total shock and awe!

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