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Jake | Horse & Rider Portraits | Nebraska City, NE

cowboy leaning on horse's back in Nebraska City, NE

As an equine photographer, I enjoy capturing the real moments, including when it involves the farm and ranch lifestyle. It's life's little nuances that often times we think as mindless or common, but in reality those are the little memories that make our life our own. From sunrise feedings, to the hard work during the heat of the day, and the midwest sunsets that decorate the end of our days, these moments are a part of the patchwork that makes up who we are. Let's celebrate them with creating art and memories of you and your equestrian partners!

I had the chance to photograph some of Jake and his bunch of his equine friends after a hot, humid trail ride in Nebraska City. We saddled up a couple horses and trekked down the road to enjoy some local scenery. At one point the humidity was so thick, you could feel it heavy on your skin and breathe. Looking around, the skyline had a foggy appeal to it, even midday with the sun burning down. I didn't take my camera out with me while we rode, but I did pester Jake for a few fun portraits afterwards as well as caught him in the moments post-trail ride with his equine friends. Chico was tired, and enjoyed a good rise off after the ride. I love the connection and emotion I was able to capture between horse and rider while standing back looking on. After the horses were put up, we snagged a few portraits of Jake and his red heeler pup.

Click on the images for a larger, full view of the images. Enjoy a mix of posed and real moments from this horse and rider portrait session on a humid Saturday afternoon in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Want to create a portrait session of your own? I am a traveling family & equine photographer. We can create customized portraits just for you, celebrating you & your horses. Check out the Horse & Rider page for more information! We’ll hop on the phone for a complimentary consultation to brew up personalized ideas for your horse and rider session!

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