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Lily in the Sunflowers at Pam Nelson Produce

Girl photographing sunflowers at Nelson Produce in Valley, Nebraska

Sunflowers are my favorite! There are so many varieties of them, big and small, with all sorts of flower pedal arrangements and funky centers. It's hard to pass a field of sunflowers and not feel happiness!

teen in the sunflowers at Nelson Produce in Valley, Nebraska

So when Pam Nelson Produce had their Sunsets & Sunflower event July 9-12th, I knew I would be making a stop out in Valley, Nebraska!

When my kiddo wanted to pass up the sunflowers for a night of horseback riding with Grandpa, I called up my cousin to see if her daughter was available. Lily & I both love nature & photography, so I nabbed her for a little fun and creativity while learning more about photography.

teen smiling while in a sunflower field in Nelson Produce in Valley, Nebraska

It was a a great time navigating the fields, trying to find the chair, wooden bridges, swings and of course, the bathtub hidden among the pathways in Nelson Produce's upper patch of sunflowers. There was a variety of people out there, planned to take photos as the Sunsets & Sunflowers event was for. Senior's having photos taken, maternity portraits, and of course families.

We chatted about the basics of photography and photographing in manual mode, exploring ISO, aperture, shutter speed & f-stops. Lily has an eye for photography and I see my younger-years self in her as she was exploring creative ways to photograph different sunflowers. We took turns on her camera, me fumbling with the buttons of a foreign-to-me camera body, and we also played around with my Nikon D750. We took photos of the flowers along with taking turns posing for each other among the fields of yellow. I'll share some of her great images in another post. For now, enjoy some of her & her sassy, fun personality from our goofing off with the sunflowers!

girl sitting in tub in middle of sunflower field at Nelson Produce in Valley, NE

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