Jeff & Kati | Portraits in Gretna, NE

The best part of acting like a crazy behind a camera is getting to witness interactions between people. Its even better when its people I know and love dearly! And speaking of love and interactions, the icing on the cake is two people who's love for each other just... well, take a look...

Doesn't their love for each other just glow?!

Though I was told there may have been some arm twisting {and possibly a threat or two} to get one of them to quit dragging *cough, cough* his feet to put the lawn mower away & clean up in time, it all eased away when their session started.

With some music playing, a little wine for her and a beer for him, and a beautiful sunset in a tall grass field right in front of their home

{therefore a lack of excuse for needing a sitter!} these two rocked their couple's session!

How often do Mom & Dad get photos of there own together? Don't forget to celebrate your love! Isn't it what brought about the little people in your home?

And to that, my friends. Cheers!

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