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Caitlin Tibbs | EMDP Ambassador | Sutton, NE

I'm excited to have Caitlin Tibbs on the 2023 EMDP Ambassador team! She's a bubbling personality who is always so much fun to collaborate. She puts her big heart into everything she does!

A little more about Caitlin, in her own words, "If you don’t see me at the arena or at my job, you will find me in the kitchen baking from scratch, or maybe see me cleaning 2 houses every Friday. On the weekends I enjoy helping a girl find her wings in the barrel racing world. On top of all of that I try to balance 2 tiktok accounts along with my social life. One of my favorite things in life is training colts, there’s something about watching them grow from walking to running and all the bumps and bruises in-between."

How would you describe yourself?

Adventurous/ Bubbly/ outgoing

Who makes up your critter team?

Tuffer N Firewater (Birt) he will be 4 years old this year and I bought him from Dave and Hannah Birt (hence his name) he’s already 16hh. He’s goofy and likes to play with not only the other horses but people at all. His attention span could use some work though😂

Beduinos Red Man (Ernie) just got him this year and he will be 4 this year as well. He kind of became my big project. He came to me with unkept feet and skinny. We’re hoping to put weight on him and get him riding this summer

And then I hardly ever leave home without my trusted travel buddy, Luka!

What are your favorite activities to do outside of the arena?

Waterfowl hunting, fishing, training my dogs, help younger kids learn how to ride. My favorite type of fishing is catfishing.

Now for the fun questions!

What are three things you cannot live without? Why?

Horses, after a long day of work, nothing relaxes me more than taking the horses down a gravel road

My phone , for obvious reasons

Family, I couldn’t be as successful as I am today without their support and guidance

What are three words someone else would use to describe you? Strong willed, passionate, kind hearted

What is something you are proud of yourself for? Me and my dad bought an $800 untouched 4 year old stud colt, 3 years later he took me down the alleyway at the national high school rodeo finals!

What's your favorite clothing store? The Fort!

What's your favorite food? Any kind of pasta

What's your favorite candy/sweet treat? Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

What is your favorite song or music artist? Tyler Childers is probably one of the most brilliant artist, in my opinion.

What is your favorite TV Show/Movie? New Amsterdam

What is your favorite color? Turquoise

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