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Brittany & Sampson | Horse and Rider | Branched Oak State Recreation Area

For Brittany’s horse and rider portrait session, we headed out to Raymond, NE to hit up the beautiful autumn foliage at Branched Oak SRA! To say the least, it didn't disappoint! The changing colors of October leaves were a perfect backdrop to set off this horse and rider duo, Brittany & Sampson.

Brittany brought along her friend Emily and several outfit changes to rock out her session. It's always great to have your cheer squad with you during a session - and they are great helpers to boost your confidence, assist with holding horses while chasing outfits, as well as helping with getting those ears up! We all know how us horse people love our horse’s ears perked up in our sessions. It helps showcase their personalities even more!

For this equestrian session, we ventured around, finding some great spots to create various looks! We even hung out after dark and created some fun, sassy portraits with the moon reflecting off the water at Branched Oak! Many state parks have horse trails and are horse friendly. Often they have hidden gem locations that are prefect backdrops for a horse and rider session!

Equestrian with her horse standing under Autumn trees at Two Rivers State Park

Ready to book your own horse and rider portrait session? Reach out and let’s brew up some ideas with a complimentary consultation! Use the contact form below or check out the Horse & Rider page for basic session information!

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