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Bristol | Pony Sessions in Gretna, NE

pretty girl with pony in a field in Gretna, Nebraska

Bristol came out to visit me at the farm in Gretna, Nebraska for a Pony Session with Larry the Pony. I'm pretty sure Larry was smitten by this little doll! These two were fun to watch interact. He was so interested in her. We had a blast photographing her in a few different areas around the farm before visiting the other horses to say hi!

Did you know, in each of these images, just off of camera view (and sometimes cropped out) I had a Pony Wrangler with me? Yup! Safety is always a priority! I always have an assistant with when I am photographing with Larry (or any animal!).

girl leaning on pony in Gretna, Nebraska

Even though Larry is super mellow, loves getting pampered and filling his belly full of grass during these session, I have an assistant handling him. Usually it's my favorite Pony Wrangler, Lindsay. (Don't tell my daughter I said that!). Lindsay is the rockstar there to help keep kiddos in the safe zones, maneuver Larry around and she let's me focus (pun intended!) on capturing the interactions of the children with Larry!

How else would be able to catch Bristol booty bumping Larry?! Haha!

princess looking into the skyline in Gretna, Nebraska field.

Pony Sessions are typically held in the Spring (cancelled this year thanks to COVID) and Summer.

Larry lives out his relaxing life escaping the pasture pens to hunt down his favorite fallen fruits of apples & pears. Late summer he's seen looking like he has purple polka-dots as he loves to hang out under the mulberry tree. He enjoys whinnying at those who walk up to the fence & of course shows his attitude to his taller friends when it comes to feed time.

He's available for special request photography sessions (on-site at the farm in Gretna, Nebraska). Please feel free to contact me @ (yup, I'm his booking manger too, 😉).

girl playing with grass in front of pony in field in Gretna, Nebraska

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