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Brella, the German Shepard | Dog Portraits | Gretna, NE

I believe that every pet has a unique story to tell, and recently, I had the delightful opportunity to capture the beautiful spirit of Brella, a gorgeous German Shepherd. This special session was a heartfelt gift from Brella’s owner’s friend, and we chose serene, private spot just south of Gretna, Nebraska, as the perfect backdrop for our photo adventure. My favorite location!

Brella was the star of the day, and she truly embraced her role with grace and enthusiasm. From the moment we arrived, her energy and personality shined, making our time together joyful! We spent the beautiful evening exploring various picturesque settings, each one highlighting a different facet of Brella’s personality. Whether she was playfully running through the fields or calmly posing by the scenic views, Brella was a natural in front of the camera.

A dog sitting on a stone step with piercing brown eyes looking into the camera.
A woman in an open field sitting with her dog as the wind blows to create a dramatic effect.
A dog standing between a woman's legs as she bends over to hold his neck for some good-dog pets.

If you’re considering a pet photography session, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether it’s at a tranquil spot like the one south of Gretna or another location that holds meaning for you and your pet, I’m here to help you create lasting memories.

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