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Ag Park Barrel Series | Columbus, Nebraska

UPDATE: To see a quick summary of images from the Ag Park Barrel Racing Series held in Columbus, NE, check out this post - Ag Park Barrel Racing Series | Series Recap | Columbus, Nebraska

The Ag Park Barrel Racing Series proof gallery for 11.14 is ready! What a fun weekend it was in Columbus, Nebraska this weekend. Check it out - the gallery had a facelift! Images are sorted by rider (Last name, First name) for ease of finding your favorite contestant's images. Photos are proofs - which means they are unedited images. Images will be edited upon purchase (color corrected, cropped, etc). If you want anything additionally edited, please reach out. You are able to order directly within the gallery. Many items are available within the gallery store such as digital options, prints and several wall art options. Reach out to me if interested in larger prints or artwork/wall art that's not listed in the online shop.

Copyright belongs to EMDukat Photography of Gretna, Nebraska.

Robbie Phillips Saddlery with the Ag Park Barrel Racing Series Board

Robbie Phillips of Robbie Phillips Saddlery base out of Springdale, Arkansas joined us on Sunday! The Ag Park Barrel Series team hosted a day full of saddle fitting with Robbie!

barrel racer Caitlin Davis running the pattern at the Ag Park Barrel Series in Columbus, Nebraska
Raina Swanson running poles on her horse during the Ag Park Barrel Series competition in Columbus, Nebraska

EMDukat Photography is proud to be the official photographer, and proud sponsor, for the Ag Park Barrel series and will be on-site the rest of the series to capture your runs!

As always, if you want to have your exhibition run photographed, stop by to let us know! We can arrange to have your exhibition run photographed.

Also, please stop by our booth to chat about any of your photography needs. EMDukat Photography specializes in Family & Equine Photography and has a display of many high-end products that are perfect for your competition images.

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