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Ag Park Barrel Racing Series | Series Recap | Columbus, Nebraska

Oh wow! What a series it has been! This was our first time photographing the Winter Ag Park Barrel Racing Series in Columbus, Nebraska, and it was one full of a lot of learning and many more memories!

From the beginning of the series in October through the series end & awards in March, we had a great time for nine weekends hanging out in Columbus, Nebraska! And the weather overall, pretty dang good. There wasn’t one weekend that was cancelled due to harsh midwest winter weather.

There were many highlights to our time at the Ag Park Series, including watching Robby Phillips work his saddle fitting magic both during the Fall and Spring! We hosted a weekend of Black Background Portraits on site in Columbus in November, and sponsored awards for Open and Youth Barrel Racing & Pole Bending series winners! It was so great to watch the APBRS crew put together a great series full of fun events, great sponsors, and some awesome prizes! Shoutout to their crew for the hard work they put in!

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new faces that stopped by our booth throughout the Saturday & Sunday series. Cindy was behind the booth answering any questions about the wall art and heirloom photo products we had on display. She also encouraged everyone to sign up for our $250 wall art giveaway, which the drawing was held the last day of the series, March 20th! Did you catch our Facebook live?

The winner of the series giveaway was Gracen Adams! And because we had such a great turnout and absolutely enjoyed ourselves during this series, we added a second drawing winner. Masa Brown!

While Cindy managed the booth, I enjoyed my time sitting in the dirt arena-side. There were many fun conversations with contestants as well as being able to document everyone’s runs, made me a happy camper!

Traveling up to Columbus for the series for the weekend had us surrounded with people that became friends and family. From the hotel stays (a mom’s mini working vacation!), hanging out & cheering everyone on, and of course, checking out some great food in Columbus (our favorite being El Mezcal… their peach margarita! Yum!), we looked forward to each and every weekend! It was bittersweet when the barrel racing series came to an end.

Random Facts about the APBRS Proof Gallery:

217 rider folders were created in the gallery

6,454 images made it INTO the gallery, many more didn’t make my picky cut.

I only misspelled (& corrected) ONE last name that I know of!

We are excited to be asked back for the 2022-2023 APBRS! Dates will be listed over on the frequently updated blog, “Barrel Races: Where will we be next?”.

Here’s a few images from over the course of the series!

If you entered the race and haven’t already checked out your images from the season, check out the gallery here:

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