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Sarpy County Fair 4-H Horse Show 2023

Oh what an interesting, but fantastic, day it was yesterday at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds in Springfield, NE for the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Horse Performance Show! Area 4-Her's came to show off their horseman skills in Halter, Showmanship, Equitation, Horsemanship and other classes, including Ranch Riding and Reining!

Thank you to the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Council, 4-Her's had the opportunity to have a photo with their equine partners in front of the Sarpy County Fair backdrop! These photos are free for digital download for these families!

Here's a peak into how yesterday went... and yes, we did have some rain that ended up causing a delay, but didn't ruin our day! Congratulations to all Douglas-Sarpy 4-H'ers for their hard work preparing for the Sarpy County Fair 4-H Horse Show!

4-H cowboy carries the American flag while the anthem plays
Brody Dickerson carries the American flag during the opening ceremony of the Sarpy County 4-H Horse Show
Youth 4H English riders riding rail work at the Douglas-Sarpy County 4H Horse Show in Springfield, NE.
Judge Jodi Ebel reviews a line of 4H'ers during a Western Horsemanship class during the Sarpy County 4H Horse Show

Catch more of the 2023 Sarpy County Fair 4-H Horse events on Thursday for their Speed Night where exhibitors will compete in barrel racing, pole bending, flag race and keyhole race!

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