Ferris 2020 Branding | Ainsworth, Nebraska

It was muddy, not super warm, but definitely muddy for the 2020 Ferris Cattle Spring branding. But the best part was, as with most branding, the people were great. The conversations made it fun, and while we all walked away with a few extra layers, only one kiddo temporarily lost a boot in the battle with mud. The branding of calves was moved inside of the barn. The kiddos got in on the work, even mine tagged along and learned a lot! She left with a tired smile, new friends and more knowledge (& respect!) for animal agriculture. This mama considers that a win!

If you're interested in having your cattle branding photographed, please reach out emily@emdukatphotography.com or via the contact link below.

To check out more from Ferris Cattle, head over to their Facebook page: Ferris Cattle & Trucking

calf being hot branded in a shed during a muddy spring


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