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Emilee Minnick | EMDP Ambassador | Omaha, NE

I'm excited to introduce another fabulous 2023 Ambassador, Emilee Minnick! I met Emilee when she reached out for a business branding session as a dog trainer. She operates Envision K-9. Emilee was not only fun to collaborate with, but her pack is full of personality and awesomeness!

When asked to describe herself, she said, "I am married to the best husband in this galaxy, and have four wonderful dogs. We love to be out in nature, binge watch any action packed TV shows, and enjoy spending time at our new home! Professionally, I started my journey a bit off path from where I am now, obtaining my undergraduate and masters in Criminology/Criminal Justice. I got into dog training in 2018, and haven’t looked back. So far I have become a certified trainer through Training Without Conflict and have certified three detection dogs. My dogs and I have worked plays, NBA sweeps, March Madness, concerts, and apartment complexes! A cool life I get to live!"

Definitely cool!

Emilee Minnick, Training Without Conflict certified dog trainer showing affection to bomb-sniffing trained dog in an Omaha, Nebraska open field.

How would you describe yourself?

Laid back and chill, but also willing to start a fire whenever 😂

Who makes up your critter team?

Maizey: bed bug dog, absolute matriarch of my dogs

Kota: sweetest, most angelic sock stealer

Huck: weird as heck, but very lovable and a true underdog story

Buzz: explosives dog, my bizarre yet highly intelligent dude

What are your favorite activities to do outside of the arena?

Train dogs, train more dogs, read a lot, explore out in nature!

Now for the fun questions!

What are three things you cannot live without? Why?

Dogs, books, blankets 😂

What are three words someone else would use to describe you? Genuine, confident, kind

What is something you are proud of yourself for? I am proud of myself for always striving to know more, to be better, and never settle. Certifying Buzz is definitely my most recent accomplishment that embodies that.

What's your favorite clothing store? Lulu

What's your favorite food? Fries

What's your favorite candy/sweet treat? Sour Patch!

What is your favorite song or music artist? I love hard rock! Like anything on octane.

What is your favorite TV Show/Movie? Law Abiding Citizen or Shooter or Man on Fire

What is your favorite color? Yellow

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