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Becca Fellman | EMDP Ambassador | Ashland, NE

Let's get to know our 2023 Ambassador, Becca Fellman! I'm excited to have her on our team - I've been a fan of her since I first met her. She's a competitive equestrian rider, mainly focusing on barrel racing (where she's a professional barrel racer!). She enjoys fox hunting as a hobby and dabbles a little in jumping.

Becca Fellman owns and operates Becca's Barrel Horses out of Pine Ridge Stables in Ashland, Nebraska. She grew up in Comstock and Omaha, Nebraska. Due to her parents divorce, she had the luxury of growing up in the country and the city. Horses were her passion from the start. She grew up showing in 4-H, Quarter Horse shows and local barrel racing jackpots. Becca attended college at NCTA in Curtis NE, with a short time in Chadron, followed up by OPSU in Goodwell, OK. Becca studied Equine Management and Science as well as Art History and Studio Art.

Becca Fellman of Becca's Barrel Horses in Ashland, Nebraska.

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a savvy, creative, adventurous and a dependable individual who is very motivated and adaptive. My style would be described as colorful and easy-going.

Are you a member of any groups or associations?

Yes, Women's Professional Rodeo Association, National Barrel Horse Association, Better Barrel Races, Interstates Rodeo Association, American Quarter Horse Association, American Paint Horse Association, and North Hills Hunt

Who makes up your equine team?

My Calamity "Pepper" - my fierce dragon, she has challenged and pushed me without limitations!Fastreeous George "George"- an incredible stallion I'm partnered on with Carol Jarzynka.

Simplyiknowyouknow "Lox" - My fun and challenging four year old filly

Many others coming up, including Bubbles, Cocoa, and Seatbelt!

What are your favorite activities to do outside of the arena?

My favorite activities outside of the arena are spending time with my partner, traveling, cooking, painting and fishing.

Now for the fun questions!

What are three things you cannot live without? Why?

My asthma medicine- I won't make it very long

Sunglasses- my eyes are super sensitive

Toe Warmers- my feet are always cold!

What are three words someone else would use to describe you? Intelligent, fun and determined

What is something you are proud of yourself for?I'm proud of myself for overcoming many challenges, from tragedies to injuries and feeling like I always rise above.

What's your favorite clothing store? Dry Creek Western Wear

What's your favorite food? Anything spicy

What's your favorite candy/sweet treat? Gummy Bears

What is your favorite song or music artist? Too many to list! My favorite genre is hair band music

What is your favorite TV Show/Movie? I love No Country For Old Men, Death Proof, Into the Wild, Beetlejuice, too many to pick from but I'll watch this list over and over

What is your favorite color? I love all colors

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