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All Good Things Must Come to an End, Right?

But wait!

Pin-up girl smiles out the window of a '27 Model T.
Model: Katie Kittleson

This is just the beginning, is it not?!

Of course this is, blog-wise.

I'm talking about the First Year Student Photography Spring Exhibition at Metropolitan Community College; it has come to an end for the 2016-17 show. 

This was my first experience for having my images shown since delving head first into my photography studies. I was blessed to have two images entered into the Spring show, one of my picking and the other of my instructors choosing. Both adorning the halls of the campus for several months. Those several months I may or may not have been caught smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Both of these images were picked out of my final project for my Spring class where I had a Rockabilly shoot with two of my beautiful friends modeling!

We had so much fun! What do you think would be another great idea for a styled shoot?

- Em

Pinup girl in red plaid leans over hood of vintage '27 Model T.
Model: Morgan Ingram

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