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2022 Recap: Portraits | EMDukat Photography

Life is an adventure, and being an entrepreneur is quite a wild ride. If the last several years haven't taught me that, well than my head is harder than what my folks thought it was.

So much good happened in 2022... and so much learning happened right beside it. Let's recap the year with a few highs, a few lessons, and a recap of some great images created in 2022.

Overall, 2022 was a year of growth for EMDukat Photography! From being one of our busiest year, to being able to bring on a rockstar assistant to help even more, to meeting so many awesome people, 2022 is a year that is going to be hard to beat.

A few highlights

  • Starting it off super cheesy... meeting some kick-ass people! Every year I'm in awe of the connections made along this adventure!

  • Traveling! We travelled over 12,000 miles for sessions and events this year!

  • Photographing some new barrel races - and being asked back to them! Can't wait to see y'all in 2023! Want to know where you'll find us? Check out this blog post.

  • Petting some pretty dang cute critters! And we successfully made it back home without any additional creatures. Yes... this is a WIN!

  • Brining on a unicorn of a chaos coordinator (aka the best assistant ever!) - learn more about Cindy here!

Lessons Learned

  • My biggest piece of advice, learn to tuck and roll.... don't flop & pop. I highly recommend not tripping down a hill and breaking a leg.

  • Sometimes things we hope for, don't always pan out. Whether it was my personal return to the arena, or a portrait event not taking off like I had envisioned, it all worked out! We either win, or we learn!

  • How awesome of a crew we have supporting us! (Who said lessons learned had to be negative?!)

Even with a few trials this year, 2022 was fantastic! And we're planning a fabulous 2023! Until we release more details, enjoy scrolling through a hodgepodge of a fraction of the images we created in 2022!

*Be on the look out for Part 2 which will include a recap of the barrel racing images!*

What was a highlight of your 2023?