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Cindy | Headshot | EMDukat Photography

sassy headshot of woman outdoors at golden hour

Who said your headshots need to be boring? Or that they all have to be indoors in a studio? While those standard headshot sessions are great and fit the need of many, don't be shy about getting outdoors with your headshot if that's what fits you the best!

We can get creative with yours. Of course, we’ll create a standard headshot portrait for your social media or resume profile, but why not have some fun and create headshots that also showcase your personality? And best of all, on location catching you doing your thing. Prospective clients and customers want to know who they are purchasing from, and the easiest way to connect with them is a headshot that shows you’re an authority in your niche.

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur that has some exciting news to share? Or a product or service you’re wanting to highlight? Consider joining us for a small business personal branding session! We love collaborating with small businesses in the farm and ranch, agriculture industries.

If you've been following us at EMDukat Photography for any of the past year, you may have meet Cindy & hear me rave of how awesome she is. It's true. All of it! And while I have a few fun outtakes of her while she's assisted me with events and sessions, we decided it was time to torture her with a legit headshot session! From discussing outfits and locations, and chatting about what we wanted her headshots to portray, she went through the rigamarole of a headshot session with me... and she survived! You can ask her, it wasn't as terrible as some stereotype a headshot session to be. And we had some fun showcasing her beautiful personality!

Want more information on a personal branding session or to check out more imagery we have customized and created for fellow entrepreneurs? Check out Small Business Branding here!

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